Vincenzo Simmarano

Composizioni sacre


Sacred Compositions


Awards at the 8th Castagneto Carducci International Competition


Editor: Carrara
Year of publication: 2006
Pages: 32

Type: Vocale a 1 v. - Org. Vocal for 4 voices. - Org. Vocal for 4 voices. - Org. - Solo

Code: EC4693

Code: ISMN: M-2157-4693-3


This publication has been designed and realised in collaboration with the Castagneto Carducci (LI) council on the occasion of the triennial SS. Crocifisso Festival in the category of International and Sacred Music. To mark the 8th Edition, the council proposed the publication of the first 2 prizes in each of the two available categories : Cat A reserved for 4 mixed voices; Cat.B which provided for congregation participation.