Vincenzo Simmarano Conductor

As a conductor, Vincenzo Simmarano has experience in many different types of concert scenarios with chamber groups and has worked as a conductor with both the choirs, the Complesso Vocale Syntagma and the Complesso Internazionale Cameristico in addition to directing choral workshops and singing groups at musical weekends of light, popular music.


Originally he conducted the all-female gospel choir, Incontrocanto, and then subsequently founded and successfully directed the vocal ensemble, Vocal Chords. Since 1998 he has conducted Canti Corum, a choir composed of 50 voices, for whom he has also written arrangements for their repertoire. 


With Canti Corum, he is always busy expanding the musical repertoire, a major task considering that the choir is focussed on the theme of peace also in its choice of repertoire. 


In addition he has also worked with the vocal ensemble, EVOCA conducting them in a concert of Rutter’s Requiem and also in a recording of pieces written by a friend, Boris Apostoloff and catalogued by him in a volume called “To B”.



Summary of choral conducting career: